For the last eighty years ZKG INTERNATIONAL has been the leading technical journal on the international scene covering the entire binder industry and its ancillary suppliers of plant and mechanical equipment.

The journal contains reports about the fundamental physical and chemical principles relating to cement, lime and gypsum binders, about the methods for producing and processing them, the thermal and mechanical processes and about production control and quality monitoring. Particular emphasis is given to those developments which serve to rationalize production, lower energy consumption, raise quality and improve environmental protection. With its descriptions of the industrial and scientific aspects of new methods, discussions of their efficiencies and economics, and reports and publications on practical experience with new plant equipment throughout the world ZKG INTERNATIONAL contributes to keeping experts at home and abroad up to date in their specialized fields. There are also reports about innovations, companies, exhibitions, specialist events, relevant books and personal data. ZKG INTERNATIONAL is also the technical journal which contains the advertisements for vacancies in cement, lime and gypsum plants and in the industries which supply their equipment. The technical articles appear bilingual in German, English with summaries in German, English, French and Spanish.

This magazine includes the following supplements: