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Step 1 App herunterladen

Download app for free at the app store.

Step 2 Ausgabe kaufen

Buy issue with app or subscribe at

or Freischaltcode

Enter your activation key in the app when buying directly from the publisher.

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Call us Mon-Fri from 9 to 12 am and 1 to 5 pm (Fri up to 4 pm).

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App FAQs

The app has been developed for smartphones and tablet PCs with the iOS (iPad and iPhone by Apple) and Android™ (e.g. Samsung and Nexus) operating systems. The app is currently not available for the Blackberry, Windows phone or Symbian OS. Digital issues can be loaded on desktops (PC or notebook) as well (browser-based, only with internet connection):

The app is free. Only the issues need to be bought. Some selected issues are also free (marked red on the cover). In addition, some pages can be read for free in every issue. Digital issues can be bought individually as well as a part of the digital annual subscription.

You can pay with your account balance if it's an in-app purchases. If you're purchasing from our online shop, you can pay via bank transfer or PayPal.

There are two options: You either get just a digital subscription or supplement your printed magazine subscription with a small price of only € 10.00 per year for digital components (digital upgrade).

Yes, that's possible. The app has free issues (with a red Free button on the cover). Also, all issues have some free preview pages.

As long as you purchase the app issues with your app store, you can directly download the issues and do not need an activation key.

If you buy the digital subscription or digital upgrade directly from Bauverlag, you will receive your personal activation key via email from our reader service. You can use this key to activate and read the purchased issues. Once activated, you can view the validity of your activation key any time in the "Subscription" tab (right app menu).

The activation key function is only visible/usable in the desktop version when you first get registered with your e-mail address and chosen password under „New Subscriber“.

You can use search terms to look for specific articles in the app in all the published issues. Enter the search term in the search field with the magnifying glass search icon. The issues you purchase will automatically appear in your personal folder where they can be displayed as a list and also filtered by already downloaded ones (left menu options "All issues" or "Downloaded issues"). Also, you can bookmark an article and reload it later at your convenience.

It's pretty simple. Just pull down the selected page with a swipe and select the bookmark icon on top right. It can also be removed the same way. All bookmarks can be displayed and managed through the Bookmark menu.

The contents can only be loaded within the app. Therefore they cannot be extracted as PDF.

The navigation and management of the app is simple and intuitive. The "Help" menu explains all functions clearly. All menus can be displayed by either swiping right or left.

The kiosk view in the desktop version does not contain any purchase or key information, therefore the prices are always displayed even when the issues have already been purchased.

You can read downloaded issues offline. Other options such as videos, links etc. cannot be used without an internet connection. To economise on the data usage, we recommend the setting "Download contents only with WLAN" in the "App settings" menu.

Registration and login is required only if you also want to read the purchased issues on the desktop. However, we recommend creating a user account before your first purchase, so that you can later access all purchased issues independent of the devices.

First create a user account ("Register") under the menu "Log in/Register". With this login data, you can read the issues purchased through your mobile phone even on your desktop without having to buy them again.

Desktop version users must register or log in first in order to access or buy the issues.

Issues that have already been purchased can be activated with the menu "Restore".

Once you purchase the issues through your app store, you can use them in all devices connected to your account. When using the release code, you can load the issues in a maximum of five devices.

Issues downloaded on your mobile device are recognizable by the bottom right red corner of the cover. In order to delete these again from your device, tap and hold on the cover and then on the delete icon on the bottom right. You can later download these issues again without any problem by clicking on the cover, so they're always available to you.

Please keep your registration data carefully. Should you do lose your password, you can reset it on the desktop version. For this, you need your e-mail address used during registration. Your new password can then also be used in the App.

Yes, the digital issues you have purchased are also available even though your subscription has expired.

Contact our reader service (, phone +49 5241 8090884) in case of any queries. You can contact us via telephone from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12 am as well as 1 pm to 5 pm (up to 4 pm on Fridays).