For all professional groups involved in building, the supplement BS BRANDSCHUTZ in öffentlichen und privatwirtschaftlichen Gebäuden (FIRE PROTECTION in public and private-sector buildings) is an important source of information.

Via the carrier titles DBZ Deutsche BauZeitschrift, Bauwelt, BundesBauBlatt, tab Das Fachmedium der TGA-Branche, bauhandwerk and FACILITY MANAGEMENT, the BRANDSCHUTZ supplement reaches all relevant decision-making target groups: architectural and planning offices, construction planning departments in industry and public authorities, engineering offices for technical building equipment, skilled trade firms, building sponsors and housing associations, construction/building management departments in industrial enterprises, commerce, banks, hospitals, hotels, local communities and project developers.

This supplement comes with the following host publications:

Bauwelt , bauhandwerk , DBZ Deutsche BauZeitschrift , BundesBauBlatt , FACILITY MANAGEMENT , tab