Product Portfolio

Bauverlag is one of the largest suppliers of specialist information for architecture and construction and is able to cover all relevant target groups with its portfolio of trade journals – from planning, including the technical aspects of equipping buildings, through to property management, raw material processing and the manufacture of construction materials, and extending as far as implementation within the building trade, steel frame construction, civil engineering, and road and tunnel construction. Our trade journals have a good reputation in this specialist world – many of them are market leaders in their respective sectors. The specialist information, which is professionally edited, relevant to the particular profession and practice-orientated, offers benefits for everyday working life, as well as providing insights into the interdisciplinary processes of the future. In detail:

Architects and planners: "Bauwelt" and "DBZ Deutsche Bauzeitschrift"

Specialist engineers and building managers, the housing industry and construction and contracting law: "tab Das Fachmedium der TGA-Branche", "SHK Profi", "KKA Kälte Klima Aktuell", "FACILITY MANAGEMENT", "BundesBauBlatt" and "gb-report"

Construction execution: "Bauhandwerk", "metallbau", "tHIS Tiefbau Hochbau Ingenieurbau Straßenbau" and "tunnel",

The manufacture of construction materials: "AT Aufbereitungs Technik", "BFT Betonwerk + Fertigteil-Technik", "ZI Ziegelindustrie International" and "ZKG INTERNATIONAL Zement-Kalk-Gips".

In addition to this the publishing house also produces special publications such as the supplements "BRANDSCHUTZ", "COMPUTER SPEZIAL", "DER ENTWURF/Die Zeichenhilfe", "MarktFocusBrecher" and "Bauhandwerk Dach" (Sonderheft), yearbooks, catalogues and numerous other publications and also organizes events.