Sustainability at Bauverlag

Construction publishing house Bauverlag of Gütersloh, north-west Germany, has already done a lot to significantly and continuously reduce its carbon footprint in recent years. By 2025, we will be one of Germany’s first 100% climate-neutral media companies. We have already achieved a lot, but there’s plenty more still to come:
  • In 2022, we will celebrate the launch of our e-paper for all our media brands. We will gradually increase the share of our circulation that is accounted for by digital copies, thus continuously reducing our paper consumption
  • This lower paper consumption will also help us save water and energy – both during production and in our recycling processes
  • Our printing process will become completely climate-neutral. We will balance out the aspects of the cycle where CO2 emissions are unavoidable by supporting compensation projects – and demand the same of our suppliers
  • Magazines are sometimes wrapped in plastic, e.g. to stop supplements from slipping out. The film we use for this is already made of 100% recycled plastic
  • All of our publishing house’s new vehicles are electric cars – and by 2025 at the latest, our entire fleet will be 100% electric
  • We want to help out our employees by providing favourable leasing conditions for bikes they can use to cycle to work, and tickets that will make it cheaper for them to commute on public transport
  • The new build we moved our headquarters into in 2021 is resplendent with smart lighting and ventilation solutions and modern energy consumption techniques
This is just a small selection of the wide range of projects and initiatives we are working on to make our company sustainable. More good ideas are springing up all the time, often over a simple cup of coffee – 100% organic and fair-trade, of course. What’s more, we donate one euro per kilogramme of coffee we consume to emergency child aid projects in the country of its origin.