THIS – Tiefbau Hochbau Ingenieurbau Straßenbau

With THIS the Bauverlag publishes a comprehensive specialist magazine, which reports competent and exciting about the entire building industry. This includes civil engineering, road construction and four times a year the GaLabau.

The specialist magazine for successful building delivers qualified specialist information about civil engineering and road construction. The editorial staff places huge emphasis on the presentation of pro blem and solution orientated practices of new construction methods
for civil engineering and road construction with objective and compe tent presentation of new construction materials, construction methods and building systems. In addition there are clearly arranged and compact presentations of new building machinery and building devices. Also pivotal aspects are the praxis- orientated legal tips + law interpretations as well as praxisorientated building management articles with editorial depth.
The current issue reports about important news within the building industry, people, markets and subjects of further training, events, further reading and current building projects.