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28.08.2018 // Online Business Directory

The Bauverlag business directory now has a new home online. The directory comes with a host of interesting new features.

For example, you can now provide even more comprehensive information about your company using a range media: photo galleries, company and product information, or links to your social media channels. You can select from a wide range of advertising options to suit your business.

To help you decide, we have put together some attractive advertising packages.
Take a look at: www.kka-branchenbuch.de

01.09.2017 // Bauverlag-Apps – the digital communication expert of subscription

We are proud to announce that our magazines AT, BFT, DBZ and ZKG have their own apps thus making all issues available online. We are pleased to see increasing app downloads and now offer you the opportunity to add an additional digital value to your advert.
You can place elements like videos, pictures, PDF files and various contacts on your ad and you also have the opportunity to link to your website or social media channels.
Please view the following documents for an overview and contact us for further information.

16.05.2011 // ZKG Technical Excursion

The technical journal ZKG INTERNATIONAL, published by Bauverlag, invites you to join in technical excursions of German cement plants. The second excursion in 2011 is to the Rüdersdorf plant of CEMEX OstZement GmbH, Werk. ZKG technical excursions provide students of engineering disciplines with the opportunity to get acquainted with a special field of process engineering and mechanical engineering.

The event series focuses on day-to-day practice, a visit to a cement plant and an introduction to cement production. Experts from plant engineering provide their input by explaining individual processing steps of cement production. These presentations are combined with guided plant tours to give the students some insight into the practical aspects involved. In technical discussions,  the lecturers share the wealth of experience gained in the course of their professional life and point out new areas of activities. The ZKG excursions aim to build a bridge  between theory and practice for students of engineering. 

The annual ZKG technical excursions are conducted in collaboration with leading universities, such as RWTH Aachen, the University of Applied Sciences (HAW) Hamburg and the Freiberg University of Mining and Technology.They offer an early exchange between industry and students. Students gain insights into the day-to-day practice of this special field of technology and the participating companies have an opportunity to establish first contacts with potential future employees.

This event is supported by Refratechnik Cement GmbH, Göttingen, Polysius AG, Beckum, KHD Humdoldt Wedag GmbH, Köln, Pfister GmbH, Augsburg, Aumund Fördertechnik GmbH, Rheinberg, and Claudius Peters Technologies GmbH, Buxtehude.

The technical journal ZKG Cement Lime Gypsum is internationally  recognized for over eight decades as a leading technical journal for the entire binder industry and its suppliers from machine building and plant engineering. ZKG publishes also the special ZKG Russian Edition, ZKG Chinese Edition, ZKG Indian Special and ZKG South America. The technical journal is published by Bauverlag, a member of DOCUgroup.
Contact and registration:
Ute Rodermond
Bauverlag BV GmbH
Tel.: +49 5241 8040450